Lake Lanier Islands Legacy Wellness Program

Bringing Group And Individual Wellness

Give your group the gift of added wellness at Lake Lanier Islands Resort. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you plan the perfect meeting or gathering to fulfill your event planning needs. Choose from a variety of wellness-based activities from our Legacy Wellness Program. Review the categories below to plan the best event for your group.

Fitness Studio at Legacy Wellness Center

Located on PineIsle, the fitness studio at the Legacy Wellness Center is where groups gather to reach, stretch, and push their fitness limits to the next level. Heart pumping music sets the tone as you feel the burn of muscles starting to tone and strengthen in classes ranging from cardio boot camps to Pilates.

Walking, Hiking, and Biking Throughout the Islands

With over 30 miles of walking hiking and biking trails winding throughout the four islands that make up Lake Lanier Islands Resort, your choices are endless.  Our trail system is comprised of paved pathways, man-made trails on varying terrains, and natural hiking trails for a more challenging adventure.

Read More About our Hiking & Walking Trails

1,500 Acres of Natural Beauty

Lake Lanier Islands Resort offers the ideal backdrop to any fitness regimen. With golf, tennis, horseback riding, zip lines, sand volleyball at the Sunset Cove beach, kayaking and paddle boarding, there is something for everyone!

Group Fitness Classes

Education Series

Every experience is tailored to the health interests and needs of each individual or group. At Lake Lanier Islands Resort, the Legacy Wellness Team has developed thought provoking, educational, and engaging lectures.  Provided by our team of professional experts and doctors in the fields of preventative medicine, internal medicine, cardiac care, you will learn how to identify personal health risk factors, explore the obstacles that prevent you from taking the next step towards your goals, and laugh while learning how Twinkies equate with your every day diet. Topics will include nutrition, stress management, disease & weight management, exercise and more. Ask your conference service manager for a list of current lectures.

Available Lectures

Energizer Breaks

Engage your team by having a fast stretch, learn an exercise that can be done to improve the focus during your meeting, jump-start your morning break, keep your meeting attendees present throughout the afternoon session? The Legacy Wellness Team offers Energizer Breaks before your meeting, during a break, after lunch – whenever you would like. Your Sales or Conference Service Managers can arrange this complimentary service.

Wellness Team-Building

The Legacy Wellness Program includes a variety of team building options for a nominal fee; or, some of which are included in your program for those choosing our "Complete Meeting Package (CMP)"

Lighten up a heavy topic, build a cohesive team and create an atmosphere of collaboration and all the while improving the overall well-being of your attendees.

 Wellness Team-Building Options


Nutrition is the foundation of our health.  Food is the fuel that feeds our bodies, but there are always choices.  Many foods have been proven to assist in disease prevention, have healing properties for illness, and most important, satisfy and comfort our physiological needs.  Lake Lanier Islands Resort uses only the freshest ingredients to bring you nutritious and delicious meals and snacks.